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VHT Melo-Verb Tremelo and Reverb Pedal AV-MV1


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The VHT Melo-Verb is a pedal recreation of the fabled tremolo and reverb effects that were first introduced as built-in amplifier features in the 60s. The two effects sections are completely independent, with separate true-bypass switching. Tremolo: The all-analog Tremolo section features classic Speed and Intensity controls, and for additional flexibility, it also has modern Shape and Level controls. The Shape control adjusts the tremolo character - everything from retro floating undulations to modern square-cornered chop. When the Tremolo is engaged, the Level control can be set for added boost to help the effect stand-out more in the mix. With the Depth control turned down, the Tremolo section can also serve as a clean boost pedal, with up to 9dB of boost from the Level control - it's like getting a clean boost pedal for free. Reverb: The Reverb section replicates the classic built-in tube-driven spring reverb tone, and takes it one step further with the addition of Tone and Mix controls, which were found on the most coveted outboard 60s reverb units. The reverb tones range from soft, warm and round to bright splashy "tile wall spatt." Excellent replication of reverb and tremolo circuits from classic amps, Precise parameter control, Low noise floor, Ruggedly built.

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