Jakes Main Street Music is proud to offer basic instrument rentals at reasonable prices. We offer a variety of instruments for both short term, long term, and special school semester rentals. Every instrument we rent out is thoroughly inspected and set up so you can be sure that the instrument you get is in perfect playing shape. We also have easy rental extensions, and if you fall in love with your instrument, we will even apply a percentage of your rental fees towards your purchase!*

All our rented instruments come with a basic accessories kit that includes a case/gig-bag and instrument relevant accessories (strap and tuner for guitars, bow and rosin for violins etc...)

Instruments we rent include, but are not limited to:

     - Acoustic Guitar
     - Electric Guitar
     - Violins
     - Cello**
     - Banjos
     - Ukuleles
     - Mandolins
     - Other instruments on request**

Please call or email for rate information.

Special school rates available.***

*: Percentage varies based on factors such as instrument type, instrument price and length of rental. Maximum credit not to exceed 60% of full purchase price.

**: Subject to availability, please contact at least two weeks in advance of rental period.

***: Available during August/September and January only. Minimum rental length of one semester (Approx 4-5 months). Other conditions may apply, please contact for details.