Musical Instrument Repair in Beacon NY

Jakes Main Street Music is proud to be working with the best luthiers and repair people in the area. Both our in house and network of expert repair people and renowned instrument restorers can provide the finest care for your musical treasure from the most basic setup to the most complex resets and restorations. No matter the problem, we can always help.

Repair Pricing Guide and Terms: Please note that prices provided here are examples, and the actual cost of your specific repair may vary based on hours worked, extra work needed, special instrument constructions or other unknown circumstances related to the repair. In the case that the price differs from an initial estimate, you will be contacted with an updated quote before we continue the repair.

Common Repair Estimates: (Prices do not include the price of parts or strings.)

  • Minimum Bench Fees: $65- Fee to Diagnose an item. Waived if we execute any repair/job on the item.
  • String Change servicing starting at $30 for regular 6-string guitars and $40 for classical or slot head guitars.
  • Basic Setups starting at $75- includes action adjustment at saddle and nut, truss rod adjustment for proper relief, and other basic services such as oiling the neck, lubricating and tightening tuners and polishing the instrument.
  • Bridge re-glue generally $100 - $250 - Depending on job difficulty
  • Neck Reset starting at $495 - Pricing may vary based on specifics of the job.

If you have any questions, please feel free to fill out the form below.