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Sherrin's Threads Headstock Bracelet - Natural STHSB

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 This tough leather bracelet is placed around your headstock and has a metal strap button at it's upper end,  and allows you to attach any guitar strap to the bracelet without worrying about tying it with a shoelace etc. Sherrin has been sewing her whole life, and her innovative accessories originally designed for her husband's music store in California are now sold throughout the world.


  • Handmade in California, USA.
  • 9" total length 1/2" width.
  • Pre-punched holes for sizing options.
  • Attachment screws together providing a drill-free strap button anywhere on your headstock.
  • Made from vegetable tanned leather with a soft unfinished underside making it safe for your instrument.
  • Works well on on ukuleles, mandolins, banjos, guitars or anything with a headstock.
  • One piece per package with instructions included.