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Curt Mangan FusionMatched® 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

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80/20 Bronze wound strings are often called old-school, vintage and/or bright bronze and were the most popular (only) alloy used to make acoustic strings until the introduction of phosphor in the early Seventies. 80/20 bronze wire is made from 80 percent copper and 20 percent zinc. 80/20 bronze provides balanced highs and lows with a slight increase in mid-range that seems the make the notes cut-through a little more.

Curt Mangan strings are high quality hand-made string from Colorado that delivers wonderful clarity and tone and a longevity that's hard to beat. They cast a few pennies more but are well worth it! And they are good people too, who prefer to sell through family music stores. Go Curt!

Curt Mangan Strings come in multiple gauges - please select above^

We are Curt Mangan string dealers, so if you don't see the strings you want here, please call us and we'll get them for you, and always at the right price!