Custom Orders

We are authorized dealers of many fine brands of instruments, and can order a variety of customized options and instruments not normally available. Want a Collings lefty with a cutaway. No problem! How about your favorite Ome banjo with a scoop and rail spikes. Easy! How about a custom torrified top Huss and Dalton acoustic built to your exact specs. Done! We can be very accommodating to your specific needs and requests.

We have a variety of brands that we work with to get you your dream instrument. They include, but are not limited to:

     - Collings: Accoustic/Electric Guitars and Mandolins
     - Huss and Dalton: Acoustic Guitars
     - Ome: Banjos
     - Larrivee: Acoustic Guitars
     - Gold Tone: Banjos
     - Guild: Acoustic and Electric Guitars
     - Deering.\Vega - Banjos
     - Other local area builders: Various - Please call for details.

Every custom order is unique, so pricing can vary wildly depending on what you want and need. That said, we strive to always give you the best possible price at all times, and feel that our prices are very competitive. We also strive to get your custom job done as fast as available, but please be aware that the wait time on custom orders can easily be a few weeks to a few months. We will endeavor to get you the most accurate timing possible when we give you your quote, but please understand that these times are not guarantees, and so actual time may vary. 

To get started, please contact us either by phone (845-765-8548) by email ( or merely fill out the form below. Please allow us a few days to get back to you with a quote and timing estimate.