Fender Champ c 1950


  • $ 1,375.00

Only 1 left!

Here for sale is a very early in production Fender Champ amplifier. The Fender Champs have become saught after as a great amp for studio use as of late because you can really crank the volume without getting to loud for a signal in your interface. This one has had only necessary changes like the capacitors have been changed along with a new period correct handle slipped on, and also a new 3 prong cable installed. Other than that it appears all original with original tubes and speaker and housing. It has a Great old sound with warm clarity but just enough distortion when pushed. These have really sky-rocketed in price the last couple of years. Get this early one from us at a great price. there are scratches and dings and scrapes from use as expected. see photos. Please contact us for additional information.

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