Ernst Hamming Banjo c. 1885


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Built by Ernst Hamming of New York City c. 1885, this lovely 5 string banjo was originally a 6-string banjo-guitar.  Note the additional nut width beyond the fifth string and the round area in the headstock where the 6th tuner used to be. The banjo has an 11" rim made of wood with classic "Boston" style metal overlay and veneered on the outside with Brazilian Rosewood.  It has a "Dobson" style neck with interesting Circle/diamond/star wooden inlay crossing the frets.  All the original hardware is present except for replaced friction tuners (it probably had violin style Ebony tuners at first) and a reproduction tailpiece.  The banjo is in very good condition with only minor wear/tarnish.  The neck is straight and the action is comfortable for failing style.  It has a very nice well-defined but still old and plunky tone and is fun to play.  Comes with an older tweed colored chipboard case.

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