Silvertone Tube-amp and Lap-steel set c. 1940

Jakes Main Street Music

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Well folks, this is the kind of find you don't see walking into shops everyday/year/decade. Here what we have is an extremely well preserved pair of Silver tone products that were sold together out of the 1940 Sears catalog, labeled Silvertone 23331F Lap steel guitar and a Silvertone 2334F 16-Watt tube amplifier with speaker. Both are in their original Geib Tweed covers in surprisingly good condition and both are in working order. There is some crackle in the pots as to be expected from a pair of vintage electronics, but the amplifier makes beautiful warm sound, the kind you might hear from some of the very earlier jazz pioneers. There's not much else to be said other than the beautifully "Decco"-rated Lap steel plays beautifully and has a great vibe from having its original radio dials 5.3-16. Case candy includes a carved wooden pick holder vintage bar slide and original proprietary connection cord. These are so rare that you can't find a photo of the amp on-line and you can only find a picture of the lap-steel at  We were able to find the original Sears ad which is below. This a true find for a true player or collector alike.

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