Collegiate Standard 4/4 Violin restored by R.J. Storm c. 1960

R. J. Storm

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This well-made German violin was regraduated and restored by R.J. Storm and the apprentices in his renowned violin making shop.  Mr, storm is currently featured in the "violin maker's corner" section of Fiddler magazine). Work on this instrument included regraduation of the top, sides and back, scroll restoration, new Ebony fingerboard and tailpiece, and a lovely hand-carved and lightened bridge,  Whoever gets this violin will have an instrument in top shape for a fraction of what this type of professional work would cost in todays market simply because this was a learning instrument for R.J.'s apprentices, and it will make a great instrument for any mature player or an advancing student wanting to upgrade to a quality instrument.  

Ships with basic modern protective case.

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