Liberty "Buckdancer" Banjo c. 1980s


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This is a genuine modern heirloom banjo made much the same way as the classic claw-hammer banjos of the 1920's and '30s.  The exquisite detail includes a Rosewood headstock overlay with decorative MOP inlays and "Liberty" logo, bound Ebony fingerboard with decorative MOP inlays and a flamed Maple neck and pot. The pot is capped win Rosewood with a marquetry design which is carried over onto the wooden dowel stick.  The neck is flanked by a Rosewood heel cap and an old-style Rosewood head extension that tapers beautifully up the neck. A rounded metal armrest and Ottenger tailpiece round out the vintage vibe.

This banjo is in very good playing condition and the tone is clear and defined like many of the great old banjos with a good "cluck" when needed.  The only minor blemish is a slight crack in the laminate on the inside of the pot (see photos) which appears non structural as the wood has not shifted, nor does the crack appear anywhere on the outside of the pot. There its also a small amount of curvature in the neck, however, it remains very playable with good action for claw-hammer players and plenty of angle at the bridge to lower further if desired.

Comes with a 1980s chipboard case.

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