Collings O02H-SB SN. (29971)


  • $ 5,250.00

Only 1 left!

Here for sale We have a very lovely Collings 002H-SB. 

We offer the 00 in its original, 12-fret configuration, a guitar shape that wasfirst designed around the time of the Civil War. Its dimensions are similar to a typicalclassical guitar, with a slotted headstock and small pyramid bridge. The comfortablesize and timeless appearance of the Collings 00 is matched by the ease of playing a

wide neck and shorter string scale affords. The tone is typically balanced and precise, and we've seen it adopted for a wide range of playing styles from simple vocal accompaniment to ragtime solos. When you want the durability of a modern guitar but one that appears rooted in an earlier, simpler time, the 00 is a versatile choice. 

We have custom ordered this one with a lovely Western Shaded sunburst. 

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