Bacon Long-neck Banjo c.1960s


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We offer this lovely Gretch-made Bacon long-neck banjo from the mid 1960s. During the "Folk Boom", Gretsch produced a line of 5 string, open back banjos with both regular and extra-long necks, all with black plastic laminate peghead overlays with "Bacon" in outlined, block letters. This is the long-neck version with three extra frets.  Invented by Pete Seeger, the long-neck is meant to have a capo at the third fret to play in regular concert tuning, which allows the player top move the capo both up and down the neck for added versatility. It features a marbled bacolite-covered Maple ply pot, 24 brackets and a bound Rosewood neck with dot inlay. 

This instrument is in excellent condition with only minor marks from age and use.  It has been recently setup with low comfortable action, and it appears all original except we recently installed new planetary tuners, a geared 5th string tuner and a new frosted head. (The original tuners and head are in its bag). Many players choose to install sliding 5th string capos or "railroad tie" hooks to raise the 5th string to match the movement of the capo.  The fact that neither has been done on this banjo indicates just how little it was played. We have chosen to leave it as is so the buyer can choose what they wish, however, if desired, we can install either.

Comes with a modern Gold Tone branded gig bag.

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