Huss and Dalton OM Sinker Mahogany Custom #5210

Huss and Dalton

  • $ 4,692.00

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Well, what can we say about this guitar. Sometimes everything comes together in just the right way to make a spectacular instrument. This guitar not only stands in a category all its own in appearance but is equally magnificent in its playability and tone. This guitar comes from the small workshop of Huss & Dalton Guitars made in Staunton Virginia. When we decided to seek after hand-built guitars, we wanted to make sure that we did not just order the run-of-the-mill instruments. We became intrigued when guitar companies started offering century-old wood known as sinker logs that had had been recovered from the bottoms of water ways across the globe. We now offer you this one-of-a-kind Custom OM size guitar featuring some of that very same century old mahogany Sinker wood found on the back and sides of this brand new Guitar. This guitar also features their most elegant and trademarked dark sunburst on a beautifully grained solid Spruce top. All in all, we cannot say enough good things about it. This is the type of instrument you'll find in the hands of players for generations to come. ComeS with Huss & Dalton tweed factory hard case and warranty.

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